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Greetings, fellow explorers of the unknown and realms beyond I am Kat, a nomadic wordsmith, editor, and conjurer of captivating content. Having traversed six states in my earthly journey, I now find myself nestled amidst the misty enclaves of the Pacific Northwest. However, it's the sun-kissed deserts and mystical vistas of the Southwest that hold the key to my heart and soul.

From my earliest days of mischief-making as a small human, I've been enthralled by the ethereal, particularly the spectral realms of ghosts, spirits, and all things supernatural. Decades of immersion in ghostly lore, devouring tales from dusty case files to spine-tingling TV shows (both questionable and authentic), have forged my expertise.

This fascination seamlessly merged with my passion for storytelling and creativity, birthing the entity known as Terra Vagus, a manifestation of my boundless imagination and relentless curiosity.


My writing journey has taken me from the corridors of news and entertainment to the depths of history and the unusual, culminating in collaborations with the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture's Roma Women’s Poetry Project and the release of my debut poetry collection in 2021, and its follow-up in 2023.

So, dear visitor, settle in and immerse yourself in the eerie ambiance of this digital domain I call home. Welcome to a place where words weave spells, and every corner whispers tales of the inexplicable and the extraordinary.

Happy Haunts!

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